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Hi, I’m Desislava,

Business mentor & brand strategist for small and medium-sized businesses.

Hit the button below to get my “Ditch the process” mini class and nail your brand message.
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Hi, I’m Desislava,

Business mentor & brand strategist for small and medium-sized businesses.

Hit the button below to get my “Ditch the process” mini class and nail your brand message.

Access Now

First, let me just casually mention some publications I’ve been featured in *flips hair*

People tend to call me The Branding Queen™ because I help entrepreneurs become the leading expert in their industry using disruptive branding and marketing tactics.

“But why is disruption so important?”, you’re probably thinking, getting ready to hit the big X on this page. Except, you won’t – because now you’re intrigued.

See, following the herd won’t get you far in business – especially not in the era of the worst attention span in history!

It’s time to stop playing with scissors and cut the crap.

You can count on me to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth – instead of what you want to hear.

That's why I designed the DISRUPT™ method each of my clients goes through to build a powerful, profitable and popular brand.

Maybe I won’t hold your hand as most coaches and gurus do… but I’ll do you one better:

I’ll give you the tools you need to go from wherever the hell you are right now, to becoming one of the most recognizable, respected and profitable experts in your niche.

Sound good? No time to waste – here’s what I got for you:

If your business is in…

The Launching Stage

The Little Branding Playbook will give you dozens of branding cues you need to stay relevant, recognizable and memorable in 2020 – from how to trigger a purchasing decision by appealing to your ideal client’s subconscious needs, to what color to use on your cover photo to build the right positioning. Get access

Royalty Branding will give you a step-by-step roadmap to building your brand strategy and digital marketing plan yourself. Build your brand from scratch with this training experience! Get access

Bonus: Launching with a membership site: my Recurring Revenue program is the only program that will give you exclusive personal access to me, and together we’ll define your brand identity, build and launch a potential 6-figure membership site. Ready to add a recurring revenue stream into your business?

The Growing/Scaling Stage

The Badass Brand Squad is my inner circle for ambitious leaders who are dedicated to helping others and becoming wealthy in the process. In BBS you’ll get access to me and a community of over 100 experts in 20+ industries – we’re the engine behind many successful launches, award ceremonies, recurring revenue streams, TEDx appearances and so much more. Get access

Work with my agency: Disruptive Brand Media is a full-service digital agency with a core focus on branding, which we believe is the foundation of any business. Let my team build your entire brand identity, including your brand strategy, digital marketing plan and website, while you sit back and reap the rewards. Get access

The Rebranding Stage

Rebranding Revolution: This 2,5-hour masterclass will walk you through the essential process of rebranding, so that you can take the necessary steps yourself and build a powerful new positioning. Get access

If you want the experts to take care of it for you, our agency’s got your back!

Here are some badass people who made the best decision in their lives and trusted me with their business:

Trish got invited by Gary Vee to speak at his event!

Emma increased her revenue by over 500% (update: 1200% now!)

Fernando launched his membership site and instantly got a dozen people who paid annually

Brian landed his highest paying client, got featured in a popular app and was invited to be a contributor to a massive publication – all in 1 week!

Marlo had her best year in business once we rebranded her business and focused on the right aspects of her

“Okay, Des, you’ve got all these great people saying you changed their lives and stuff…
but I need more before I give you my money!”


That makes you smarter than most people out there.
Never trust anyone with your money without getting to know them better!

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