It’s The Branding Queen calling.

Time to scale your business to visionary status.


It’s The Branding Queen calling.

Time to scale your business to visionary status.

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My name is

Des Dobreva

People call me

the Branding Queen

because I tend to help businesses scale beyond their imagination.







brands that matter is as easy as






when you’re working with my team.

We go beyond the conventional boundaries everyone in your industry seems to be following and get you to win the hearts, minds and dollars of people you’ve never met.

One thing I can tell you is that…

Vanilla branding* is so over. The only place you should have vanilla is your ice cream cone.

Unfortunately, vanilla is what you usually get when you work with branding professionals who don’t look at the psychology and neuroscience behind building and scaling a brand.

*Vanilla branding: the process of creating a brand that is conventional, boring and straight up lame. A brand that gets


instead of



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One thing I’ve learnt from working with hundreds of business owners, helping them seal their authority status and escape the branding fog…
…is that they underestimate branding more than I underestimate winter clothes (who likes wearing this many layers?!).
Look at it this way: branding is the foundation of your business.
Not having a focused and clear brand strategy for your business is like running on a roof naked and blindsided.
I know… not a great image.
I’m here to help you get from sporadic to streamlined – and to stop you from becoming an anonymous blip amongst the noise in your industry.

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After taking just one of Desislava’s masterclasses, I had almost 100 people sign up for my paid event in less than 12 hours!
We’ve never had such overwhelming response before!

Kendra Hockman

In every Industry you have people who change the game completely! When it comes to branding, that’s Desislava.

Siawash ZahmatBusiness Mentor

Des is undoubtedly the Queen of Branding - so many try to emulate her, but nobody can touch her skills and class. I’ve seen her on stage multiple times and she really knows how to capture the attention of a room and keep people engaged for hours.

Michael KalisperasReal Estate Investor