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"Forbes? TED? Entrepreneur Magazine? Being flown all over the world, put in fancy hotels and paid to speak on stages?

"Forbes? TED? Entrepreneur Magazine? Being flown all over the world, put in fancy hotels and paid to speak on stages?

“You’ll never get far in business”,

he said, barely holding his frustration back as he hit the big red X and left the call.
He was going to feature me, a new entrepreneur, in Forbes – in exchange for something oh, so small and insignificant, it almost didn’t matter.

A date.

As someone who almost took her own life because of cyberbullying, I was unfazed – I always am. (for real – I take on petty hate, trolls and unwanted advances better than you take good news. Come @ me!).

I stood up from the sofa and poured myself a glass of water, imagining how the next 12 months of my life were going to go. Getting far in business was a given – I never had any doubt I’d succeed.

The question was… how? How was I going to get from living in a one-bedroom apartment above a car repair shop in Denmark, to living wherever I wanted, making all the money I wanted and helping all the people I wanted?

Not that making $1000/month wasn’t the-best-thing-evah (can you feel that sarcasm dripping from your screen?), but I was ready for a million-dollar business.

Well, call me queen obvious because the answer turned out to be right under my perfectly-shaped nose:


As I was finishing my master degree in brand management, I quickly realized that the path to my dreams began with a simple move:

From working on Upwork for $8/hour, to building my brand on social media and cutting out the middleman.

In 45 days, I rebranded myself from “the copywriting and social media girl” to a branding specialist – and later, The Branding Queen™ (given to me by my clients, not myself, thank you very much!).

When I made $3000 in one day, selling my first program, I knew there was no going back. I’d cracked it.

I’d built, in a very short amount of time, a brand people raved about, threw money and opportunities at.

Fun fact: I’ve never had to pitch myself for anything in business.

Forbes? TED? Entrepreneur Magazine? Being flown all over the world, put in fancy hotels and paid to speak on stages?


Ever since I built my brand, the opportunities fly my way faster than an Australian spider.

(Yes, I know they don’t actually fly, but that’s how I see them in my nightmares, mmkay?)

This isn’t a story where I look for your sympathy because my life has been oh-so-hard.

Sure, I come from the poorest country in the European Union…

Sure, I grew up broke…

Sure, I had to eat oatmeal 3 times a day because I couldn’t afford anything else…

…and this is only a tiny drop in the sea, out of all the bullshit I’ve had to overcome.

But here’s the thing. Once I built a wildly profitable business with 7 different income sources, including recurring revenue, I was dead set on helping others do the same.

Wanna know why?

Because there was nobody there for me, that understood the power of branding.

Branding is the foundation of your business, yet I bet my purple hair you still don’t have a proper brand strategy in place.

Remember, your brand authority determines the amount of sales you get and how successful your business will be in the long-term.

High brand authority

influence + respect + money

Low brand authority

distrust + doubt + lower sales volume

99% of all business coaches, consultants and programs they offer do not have any branding knowledge included – because they don’t have the expertise to advise you properly.

I’m not saying everyone’s a scammer – I’m saying they’re giving you incomplete advise that sometimes leads to short-term results, sometimes leads to nothing. In reality, your brand strategy includes things like…

Your unique differentiator

Your origin story

Your brand values

Your purpose

Your ideal client avatar

Your brand personality

Your word bank

Your positioning statement

Here’s the cold hard truth:

if you don’t nail those – and I mean nail them so that you become the final nail in your competitor’s proverbial coffin (too much?)… your business will have a really hard time in today’s crowded marketplace.

Until you do, you'll have to keep:

Pitching yourself and competing with thousands of others for your ideal clients’ attention

Having to lower your prices to attract sales

Getting on tons of sales calls where, instead of wanting to throw money at you, they want you to prove yourself all over again

If that sounds to you just as terrible as it sounds to me – it’s time for us to work together.

Most of my programs are highly exclusive and very few people have access to me – but guess what, I’m worth it
*winks, smiles, flips hair, throws salt, does a backflip*

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