Rebranding Revolution


A 2,5-hour masterclass that walks you through every step you need to take to execute a proper rebranding.



This training is for you if:
? You want absolute clarity on when and how you need to rebrand your business
? You want a step-by-step strategy you can implement straight away
? You want to learn which type of rebranding your business needs
? Your brand has evolved and you’re not sure how to reposition it so that you don’t lose potential clients
? You want to attract new audiences you never thought you could reach
? You want an exclusive behind-the-scenes look of my rebranding where I went from and underpaid (8/hour) copywriter to a leading Brand Strategist in 2 months
? Want to learn what to do after you’re repositioned your business

Included: LIFETIME ACCESS and a private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and communicate with other entrepreneurs.

Masterclass outline:
Rebranding 101
Do you really need rebranding?
Types of rebranding
Covering your bases
Rebranding essentials
Public vs. silent rebrand
My rebranding story

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