Storytelling Revolution Masterclass


A 2,5-hour masterclass that will help you become the voice of your marketplace with the help of brand storytelling. After this masterclass, you’ll know exactly what stories to tell, how to tell them and when to tell them to build a loyal community and increase your business revenue.

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This training is for you if:
? You haven’t defined and written your origin story yet, but you know it’s the foundation of your business
? You want to learn about the psychology behind telling the right stories in your business, so you can do it from a place of confidence
? You’re not sure how deep storytelling goes and how you can use it consistently without seeming repetitive
? You want to learn how to tell engaging stories that help you sell more
? You want to learn how to grow a loyal community of brand ambassadors who are head over heels for your brand
? You want unheard of before strategies on using storytelling for business growth

Included: LIFETIME ACCESS and a private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and communicate with other entrepreneurs.

Masterclass outline:

  • The psychology behind stories
  • Origin story structure and definition
  • Storytelling in business
  • Reverse-engineering your products and services from stories
  • How often should we tell stories?
  • Choosing the right stories
  • Making your stories more persuasive
  • CREATE, RINSE, REPEAT: the best formula for repurposing your content
  • Storytelling for community-building

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