“The $100k Mastermind” Retreat Recordings



Koh Samui, Thailand.

Sangsuri Villa – a luxury estate focused on providing unforgettable experiences for guests in a rich setting among nature.

January 13-18th – a business retreat by Desislava Dobreva (The Branding Queen) and Simone Vincenzi (The Experts Strategist) on branding, sales and scalability.

What if, instead of the instant regret you felt when you saw the venue, the content and the participants…. you could still get a piece of the experience from your own home?

Granted, you won’t be hanging our in our infinity pools and jacuzzis, you won’t be fed by our private chefs and you won’t have access to our spa and private beach…

But you can still get the most important part of this experience – THE STRATEGIES. The same ones that have made our clients millions of dollars in sales and that got us in front of TEDx, on a stage with Gary Vee, featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Good Man Project and many more.

This pack includes the entire recordings of every single session and interactive workshop, in a beautiful setting next to the ocean.

A no brainer, we know.

Go ahead and hit the button to make sure you get in at the early-bird price.

You may even decide you want to join us for the next one…


  • DIGITAL COURSE REVOLUTION: Desislava’s training on building profitable digital courses. You’ll learn how to launch a course and make a $10000 launch in only 5 days.
  • SELLING WITH WEBINARS: Simone’s course on selling with webinars that will teach you how to make tens of thousands of dollars with each webinar you run.



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