The Challenge Revolution Masterclass


A 2,5-hour masterclass that walks you through every single aspect of creating and launching a profitable 5-day social media challenge to grow your business.

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This training is for you if:
? You want to create a huge spike in your sales in only a few days
? You want to grow your audience with hundreds/thousands of people without sending friend requests, posting in groups or starting countless conversations
? You want to build a loyal community of brand ambassadors who buy and promote everything you sell.
? You want to position yourself as a leader in your industry.
? You want to grow or launch your Facebook group (not required)
? You want to learn the psychology behind getting your audience to the point where buying your product/service is the next logical step.
? You want to see a behind the scenes look of a challenge that brought in over 10 000 in a week.

Join the CHALLENGE REVOLUTION and find out exactly how I planned the challenge that got me 58 applications to Badass Brand Squad (BBS) (paid membership, $100/month), added 435 new people to my FB group and got me 200+ friend requests.

Included: LIFETIME ACCESS and a private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and communicate with other entrepreneurs.

This masterclass is suited for you no matter what stage of your business you’re in.

Masterclass outline:

  • Why run a 5-day challenge?
  • Challenge structure
  • Detailed days breakdown
  • How to choose our challenge content
  • Advanced challenge positioning tricks
  • How to market your challenge

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