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Did you know that the average American spends 12 hours per day consuming digital content?
If you want attention today, you literally have to reach out and take it.

Enter: The Des Dobreva Team.

Why choose us

We go deep into the model of the human persuasion map and chart out a path that will get you closer to your client’s internal treasure chest. Where others fail – by digging at the surface of your problems instead of diving deep into your company’s real needs – we succeed.

We’ve worked with companies from over 30 industries, including real estate, e-commerce, physical businesses, digital marketing, corporate consulting, event planning, PR agencies and more.

In other words, we’ve persuaded people in in the most competitive markets on the planet to make the right purchasing decisions. With our help, your audience will never be indifferent again – because your brand won’t allow it. Our goal: get people to buy into your vision and immerse themselves into the experience of your business.

How? With handcrafted strategies by the Branding Queen herself, instead of the imitators. We dive deep into the psychology and neuroscience behind building and scaling a brand – and we imbue it all in your business. These are proven strategies that have helped hundreds of business owners go from branding themselves by accident, to holding the attention of their audience longer than it would take us to run a 1000km marathon.

Jerry West

I've been in the business for 22 years and consider myself a badass marketer. I'm known for calling people out on bullshit. I've had two private calls with Des that improved my business within 24 hrs after each call. I don't give a fuck about her hair. She knows her shit, and in this business, that's all that matters. Rock on, Des!

Kendra Hockman

After taking just one of Desislava’s masterclasses, I had almost 100 people sign up for my paid event in less than 12 hours!
We’ve never had such overwhelming response before!

Siawash ZahmatBusiness Mentor

In every Industry you have people who change the game completely! When it comes to branding, that’s Desislava.

Michael KalisperasReal Estate Investor

Des is undoubtedly the Queen of Branding - so many try to emulate her, but nobody can touch her skills and class. I’ve seen her on stage multiple times and she really knows how to capture the attention of a room and keep people engaged for hours.

You can work with us on 4 levels:


Apply for our done-for-you service
Take advantage of our signature brand implementation service where we do all of the work & help you launch or re-launch your brand the right way.

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Hire the Des Dobreva team on a retainer
The service designed to help you stay on brand no matter what by having access to our team of branding experts, brand stylists and web designers.

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Apply to join the Badass Brand Squad
Our inner circle for entrepreneurs, BBS is a melting pot of brilliance, support and interactive learning for business owners of over 20 industries and nationalities (from millionaires to startups).

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Get access to Royalty Branding
A training experience walking you through the ins and outs of building a profitable brand and a successful digital presence for your business.

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Not sure which one is the right choice for you? Book a call with our team where we will dive into your business and evaluate the best path forward.


Meet the team

Guna Meldere

Brand Style Expert
Guna is a serial entrepreneur and a world-renowned artist. She creates custom-made visual identities for our clients that make their brands easily recognizable even in the most saturated industries.

Uldis Melderis

Website Developer
Uldis is in charge of everything website-related, and is commonly known in our team as the “magician”, because he can turn any website dream into a reality (I would know!).

Ariane de Melo

Brand Execution Expert
Ariane oversees client onboarding processes and makes sure our clients’ brands always get the personal attention they deserve.

Darren Danks

BBS Community Manager & Productivity Expert
Darren runs our inner circle for entrepreneurs, the Badass Brand Squad and sprinkles his knowledge of systems and processes that help clients skyrocket their productivity levels.

Sushmita Jain

Customer Support Specialist
Sushmita’s role is essential: she makes sure both our BBS members and our clients are happy by maintaining streamlined communication and effective processes.

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