You didn't get into this to be stressed and overworked - so let's get you the peace of mind that comes with running the business of your dreams

With the Recurring Revenue Program, your business gets to be your safe haven

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WARNING: The following approach is proven to piss off everyone telling you to hustle 24/7 and get on sales calls to sustain a successful business.


Build the life and business you've always wanted without...

Doing things you're not ready for

Begging people to buy from you

Wasting time on unpaid sales calls

The best way to get the freedom, peace & stability you've always wanted without the constant hustle

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Dear You,

If you wake up every day not sure where your next client will come from...

If you’re tired of one-off sales and high-stress clients…

If you want to live your life FIRST and grow your business SECOND...

Let me show you something mid-blowing!

I’m going to reveal to you an unconventional approach to building stable, predictable, regular income…

Without EVER compromising your lifestyle or time with your loved ones.

And here’s where it gets really good:

I’ll show you how this same approach will help you become fully aligned with your business, so you never have to do anything you don’t want to do…

And everything you CHOOSE to do leads to attention and sales. Recurring income. Real stability.

Best of all? Zero masks or pretending. You’ll build a powerful brand by stepping fully into your power and understanding your influence.

"Sounds great Des but are you just another guru promising the world?"

Oops. I may have forgotten to introduce myself – let’s fix that!

Desislava Dobreva (Des)

Many in this space can help you make money fast. It’s exhilarating, fun and sometimes even life-changing. But… that doesn’t last unless you’re working with someone who is ALSO capable of guiding you to build a REAL business.

My mission – which I accepted a long time ago – is to help incredible people like you become leading experts & build a business that provides for them no matter what.

A business you love – instead of a side hustle that stresses you out every day.

Before joining this program, here are a few things you should know about me:

I’m honest as hell

You can count on me to tell you the truth - not just candy-coated sweet-nothings - because you deserve it.

I'm extremely proud of my clients so I tend to scream about them often

Over the years I've built a beautiful client base of thousands of people - so everyone who comes into my world is instantly exposed to a large audience. My favorite thing is to brag about them!

I'm owned by two rescue cats

I live with a black cat named Lucifurr and a tortie called Sushi and they've traveled the world with me (so far we’ve been to 7 countries together). They even have their own brands!

From zero to everything you want

When I started my business I was lucky enough to start my own paid community really fast – I only made $200 bucks (recurring) from my first launch, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing… but I knew I’d cracked the code to something big. My community is the reason I’m here 6 years later, living a life I love and growing a business rooted in peace and joy.

Today, I know how to help anyone start a paid community and turn it into a multiple 6-figure profit machine. My own clients have already gone on to achieve some pretty amazing things, including:

  • Launching their membership site with a few Facebook posts and bringing $5000+/month from their first launch…
  • Leaving a homeless shelter and building a brand that brings them $2500/month from one offer alone (in a few months)
  • Making 6 figures in their very first year in business
  • Build the confidence to show up as unapologetically them and attract the right people
  • Starting a business from scratch and having a successful community with 3o paying members 6 months later

This Isn't Like Any Other Program You've Seen Before

How awesome would it be to have the flexibility, peace of mind & opportunity to experiment and test different ideas? When all your bills and vacations are paid off with recurring income, that’s what you get.

Right now, I want you to imagine your life 6 months from now…

Imagine how your mornings would feel, knowing you can choose not to have any sales calls this week.

Picture yourself serving a wildly engaged community of people who happily pay to get access to you every month.

Filling your bank account without anyone trying to get more of your time for free.

You already know you can have this – so let me help you get it.

You'll find out exactly how to build a successful business without all the stress

With the epic resources in this program you’ll be able to dive deep into your business, nitpick your offers, figure out exactly what needs to stay, what needs to go, what can be better… and build a paid community that brings you recurring income.

The Recurring Revenue program will take you through the entire journey with all the support you need in one place.

Where other programs leave you overwhelmed, without enough support, and without any real, tangible results, my support coaches and I will always be there.

Here's Exactly What You’ll Get Inside The Recurring Revenue Program

A Powerful Network

Implementing Together
With access to hundreds of other membership site owners, live Q&As & trainings with guest experts, you have to try really damn hard to fail at this membership site thang!

Lifetime Access

Including all the bonuses!
That’s right… this is not one of those programs where you lose access to everything in a few months… You get to keep the program AND all the bonuses – forever and ever.

My Personal Support

Every Single Week
Every week, you get to ask me all of your burning questions – and I go live in our support group to answer them. Not a 15-min live video that just circles around the questions – the real deal! And you get a whole 6 months free in there😻

In Module 0 you’ll…
Nail your entire brand strategy from start to finish, so you can show up with 100% confidence, clarity and attract clients all the damn time.

In Module 1 you’ll…
Build the entire plan for your paid community – from validating your idea to launching your waitlist.

In Module 2 you’ll…
Create your community – from the design to the communication channel you’ll use with your members.

In Module 3 you’ll…
Learn how to execute a profitable launch – from setting the right prices to choosing the right launch type for you.

In Module 4 you’ll…
Implement the best and most profitable growth strategies to make sure you keep growing without the overwhelm.

In Module 5 you’ll…
Learn how to scale our membership site with the power of data, outsourcing and team building (all the boring stuff that lead to big results).


Did you think this was all?!

If you join by the deadline, you’ll get…
Access to Royalty Branding – the only branding course you need ($1000)
Access to my entire Masterclass Bundle – 8 masterclasses ($776)
Access to the Affiliate Masterclass ($500)

“Sounds great, but what’s the price?”

A powerful business centered on recurring revenue is the difference between being burned out, anxious and glued to your laptop… and making hundreds of thousands without any of that shizzle.

So really the question should be, how much is a business that effortlessly pulls people into your sphere of influence with 0 sales calls and draws dollars into your bank account for you worth?

Let me make it an easy HELL YES!!! decision for you: Initially, the price for the Recurring Revenue Program was going to be $5000.

I later sold it for $3000 – for about 2 years.

But times are tough right now. Lockdowns, pandemic… I want to make this accessible for as many as possible – including YOU.

So, today, you can enroll for only…

$3000 $1799

(and yes we have payment plans!)

Join NOW

I recommend not wasting any time – make this YOUR year. Need a payment plan? Done.

Wait… did you miss the bonuses?!

Join now and you’ll get…

The Ultimate Masterclass Bundle

(value: $776)

Access to all of my masterclasses – from building and launching your next course, to rebranding, to optimizing your content for sales… you’ve got it all!
This is EXACTLY what I need

The Affiliate Masterclass

(sold for: $500)

One of my income streams is affiliate marketing – I love sharing the offers of people I trust with my audience and getting paid for it! It’s so much easier to drop the impostor syndrome and go full-steam ahead when it’s not your offer – so it’s time you learned exactly how I do it! (my own affiliates make thousands of dollars every year!)
Ok you got me with this one

The new and improved Branding course

(sold for: $1000)

What would it do for your business and peace of mind if you had a step-by-step course walking you through each stage of building and growing a business? That’s what Royalty Branding is! From defining your purpose, to nailing your message, creating the right offers, selling on social media (YOUR way), to exactly what content you can create… to writing and sharing your story… everything you need in one place.

And for the BIG REVEAL…

Launch MAGIC

So you never feel overwhelmed before a launch again! Launch MAGIC consists of my best email, social media and image templates for your launches – they’ve generated me hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years – and now you can edit them and make them yours!

Personal social media audit by Des

That’s right – I’m going to put my hands on your social media presence and tell you exactly how you can optimize your main platform so you can bring in more sales. This will be delivered in video form where I share my screen and audit your entire presence, including your imagery, content, language, and overall brand direction. After this, you’ll know exactly what to do and not to do to bring clients your way.

The cherry on top of all bonuses:
IN-PERSON seminar with Des

That’s right – this is a group VIP day in London where I’ll be walking you through some of my top strategies for building a successful business and a powerful brand in any industry. This will be a small, intimate experience with LOTS of personal focus. Note: if you can’t make it in person, don’t worry – you’ll participate through Zoom and get just as much out of it (along with a special surprise to make up for you not being there in person!)

This is the program I wish I’d had back when I was still confused and overwhelmed about my direction…

It would have saved me from countless expensive mistakes, time wasted and trusting the wrong people.

I'm SO Ready for Recurring Income!

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what a few others have to say:

If All This Program Did for You Was...

  1. Finally helped you have peace of mind instead of waking up stressed… would it be worth it?
  2. Gave you an offer you can market for many years to come, without the pressure of creating something new all the time… would it be worth it?
  3. Gave you ALL the steps for creating a profitable membership site, and not just the most important ones, so that you’re left figuring it out yourself… would it be worth it?

If you ask me… duh! Of course it would!

Is The Recurring Revenue Program For Me?

If you’re looking for a push button “money making” system or magic bullet…
If you’re not serious about helping your market by providing superior products or services…
You have 100s of “business ideas” but too scared to act on any of them…

Then please do NOT enroll. I can’t help you.

Got questions I haven’t answered? I got your back:

Is this program for me? Why should I join?

The only person who can know that for sure is you – but, ultimately, the only 2 reasons the program could not be for you is if you don’t want a membership site or if you think the price would be a financial burden for you. Here’s why Emma thinks the RR Program is the right choice for you:

What if I can't afford the price?

Then don’t join. I’m not going to be the person to tell you to pull out your credit card – everybody who knows me, knows that I don’t believe in taking people’s last dime. If you simply don’t have the money, don’t join. If, however, you still want to be a part of the RR Program in any way possible, please do take advantage of the payment plans – that’s why they exist.

Will I start being charged a monthly fee after the 6 months free access to the support group?

Absolutely NOT. We’ll never charge you without your permission, there are not secret costs here. After your 6 months, you’ll get a couple of emails from us asking you if you want to stay in the Facebook group for a monthly price – if not, you’ll still keep your lifetime access to the program and all the bonuses. You will lose access to the support group, technical vault, and the guest experts. You will never be charged for any updates to the main program content.

How much personal attention will I get from Des?

Here’s the good news: you won’t just get ME! You’ll also get support from my support coaches AND all the other membership site owners in the support group. I’ll be answering your questions myself as well as going live once a week in the group to talk to you more!

How do the payment plans work?

You choose the one that best fits your budget and then you’re automatically charged on the same date every month until you’ve paid off the program. Those who decide to scam us by not paying will be sent to a collections agency.

I struggle with the technical side. Will we get help with that?

You’ll get ALL the help with that! We have tons of tech walkthroughs – from email automation to setting up your waitlist, to web design, to choosing the right plugins… not to mention, if we’re missing anything – you can just ask and get an answer ASAP.

What happens after I buy the program?

You’ll immediately get access to the program in your account on the site, and will be redirected to a “thank you” page where you’ll be able to get access to the chatbot and the support group.

See You on the Other Side!