Imagine being able to relax into your business, while your membership takes care of bringing cash in every month

I want this

WARNING: This way of running your business goes against everything taught in old-school business books written by guru marketers.


the Recurring Revenue Program

Build the life and business you've always wanted without…

Holding yourself back & playing small

Wasting time on unpaid sales calls

Pushy sales tactics (ew!)

This is what you've been looking for all along: a crystal clear path to getting the freedom, peace & stability you've always wanted without the hustle

I'm SO in

Let’s be honest (no ego allowed!)…
your business is not where you want it to be – yet.

Want to know why?

Pick your poison:

Your income doesn't match the money & effort you put into growing your expertise

People aren't constantly messaging you to ask which offer to buy first

You don't have scalable offers to support more than a few clients

You're not sure what you're doing with your content, so you end up repelling your ideal clients

You want stability but you end up with clients asking for discounts or telling you you're on their "wishlist"

How about we fix all of the above once and for all?

And how about we do it without EVER compromising your values?

In the Recurring Revenue Program you’ll find a step-by-step framework that will help you nail your brand and create a successful membership…

So you can build capital, accumulate wealth and live however you want to (not to mention… invest in whatever you want to).

"Sounds great Des but who even are you?!"

*cough* I beg your pardon! Let me reintroduce myself…

Desislava Dobreva (Des)

I help entrepreneurs build delicious, highly desirable brands and businesses by letting go of all the unaligned mainstream tactics. I’m not here to help you get rich fast – I’m here to help you build a stable business and enjoy the ride.

I believe the most powerful way to grow a business is by having your very own membership – mine is now 7 years old and is the most beautiful thing I ever created. It gave me stability and true freedom – to live wherever I want, travel, and continuously invest in my business without worrying about how much money I’ll make next month or next year.

As an Eastern European woman, I have a unique perspective that, combined with my expertise, my academic background and my incessant research and investigation of the market landscape and the geopolitical canvas of our world, has helped my clients achieve incredible results.

Here’s what you can expect from me once you join this program:

I'll bring you into the depths with me, tapping into the real challenges, instead of giving you superficial guidance.

You can count on me to tell you the truth – not just candy-coated sweet-nothings – because you deserve it.

I'm extremely proud of my clients so I tend to brag about them all the time - get ready!

Over the years I’ve built a beautiful client base of thousands of people – so everyone who comes into my world is instantly exposed to a large audience. My favorite thing is to brag about them!

I'm owned by two rescue cats.

I live with a black cat named Lucifurr and a tortie called Sushi and they’ve traveled the world with me (so far we’ve been to 7 countries together). They even have their own brands!

When I started my business…

I was lucky enough to start my own membership really fast – I only made $200 (recurring) from my first launch, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing… but I knew I’d cracked the code to something big. My membership is the reason I’m here 7+ years later, living a life I love and scaling a business rooted in peace and joy. Today, I know how to help anyone start a membership and turn it into a multiple 6-figure profit machine.

During the Recurring Revenue Program, you will:

  • Build a brand so good, it can’t be ignored
  • Become confident as hell and show up for your business without any doubt or fear
  • Uncover the untold secrets of building a a successful business in 2024 and beyond (that you won’t find in any marketing course)
  • Slam the brakes on chasing clients and not knowing how much money you’ll make next month
  • Build, launch, grow, and scale a successful membership, ensuring real stability

Right now, I want you to imagine your life 6 months from now…

Imagine how your mornings would feel, knowing you can choose not to have any sales calls this week. Picture yourself serving a wildly engaged community of people who happily pay to get access to you every month. Filling your bank account without anyone trying to get more of your time for free. You deserve this – so let’s help you get it.

Here's Exactly What You’ll Get Inside The Recurring Revenue Program

A Supportive Community

Implementing Together
With access to hundreds of other membership site owners, live Q&As & trainings with guest experts, you’ll always feel supported and nurtured.

Lifetime Access

Including all the bonuses!
That’s right… this is not one of those programs where you lose access to everything in a few months… You get to keep the program AND all the bonuses, including any updates.

Live mentorship from me

Every Single Week
Every week, you get to ask me all of your burning questions – and I go live in our support group to answer them. Not a 15-min live video that just circles around the questions – the real deal! And you get a whole 6 months free in there😻

In Module 0 you’ll…
Nail your entire brand strategy from start to finish, so you can show up with 100% confidence, clarity and attract clients all the damn time.

In Module 1 you’ll…
Build the entire plan for your paid community – from validating your idea to launching your waitlist.

In Module 2 you’ll…
Create your community – from the design to the communication channel you’ll use with your members.

In Module 3 you’ll…
Learn how to execute a profitable launch – from setting the right prices to choosing the right launch type for you.

In Module 4 you’ll…
Implement the best and most profitable growth strategies to make sure you keep growing without the overwhelm.

In Module 5 you’ll…
Learn how to scale our membership site with the power of data, outsourcing and team building (all the boring stuff that lead to big results).

The Recurring Revenue Program used to be a high-ticket group program sold for $3000

– because it’s an entire business school packed into bite-sized, implementation-based lessons.

In 2021, I decided to make it accessible to more people who needed it –
which is why, today you can
join for only


(and yes, we have flexible payment plans because we’re cool like that).

Sign me up

But wait…

Just in case you need an extra layer of reassurance, so that your entire being is 100% certain this is for you right now…

Everyone who joins by Sunday night will get access to these mouthwatering AF bonuses:

Your 12-Month Launch Plan

(value: $1000)

A step-by-step strategy for mapping out the first (or next) 12 months of your membership in terms of launches – to make sure you hit your income goals faster.
This is EXACTLY what I need

Launch Magic templates

(value: $300)

Launch MAGIC consists of my best email, social media, and visual templates for your launches – they’ve generated hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years – and now you can edit them and make them yours! They’ve been thoroughly revised and turned into templates that you can add your own language, vibe, and offer to – then watch them generate revenue and save you dozens of hours!
I'm Ready for it

The Annual Bonuses will change everything for you – take a bold step and pay in full to receive:

Slay your pitch

In this session, I lay out a step-by-step roadmap to presenting any offer to your audience in a highly persuasive way without feeling like an impostor. If you’ve ever been scared of pitching or felt like it’s too pushy, but you like the way I do it – this will show you exactly how to structure your own pitch by tapping into your audience’s subconscious minds and understanding them better than they know themselves.

(Value: $1000)

Slay your prices – group VIP day

During this full-day experience on Telegram, we’ll dive into all your current prices and examine whether they’re right, or repelling your ideal clients. I’ll reveal my pricing strategies and we’ll dive into the depths of what’s standing in the way of you charging the prices you want. You’ll walk away with crystal clarity and newfound confidence when pricing any offer. I’ll be working with each person individually.

(Value: $1000)

I know you’re ready for more. Now it’s up to you to admit it 😈


If you’re like me and you always want the VIP experience when working with someone, then I have something epic for you!

The RR Program + Rock Their World

THIS JUST IN! Snag our newest bundle of both the RR Program and ROCK THEIR WORLD – the course on creating, selling and leading powerful group programs and masterminds. Only on this page!

$1998, ($300 off!) paid in full or in instalments
(ask us for payment plans, we’re super flexible!)

The RR Program + 1:1 Mentorship

For one lucky person, this is the ultimate opportunity to join The RR Program and have private 1:1 access to me for 3 months. I’ll be guiding you daily on each aspect of building your business and creating or growing your membership. This is the first opportunity of its kind and it won’t be available again until 2024.

$9999, ($1800 off!) paid in full or in installments

This is the program I wish I’d had back when I was still confused and overwhelmed about my direction…

It would have saved me from countless expensive mistakes, time wasted and trusting the wrong people.

I'm SO Ready for Recurring Income!

Got questions I haven’t answered? I got your back:

Is this program for me? Why should I join?

The only person who can know that for sure is you – but, ultimately, the only 2 reasons the program could not be for you is if you don’t want a membership site or if you think the price would be a financial burden for you. Here’s why Emma thinks the RR Program is the right choice for you:

What if I can't afford the price?

Then don’t join. I’m not going to be the person to tell you to pull out your credit card – everybody who knows me, knows that I don’t believe in taking people’s last dime. If you simply don’t have the money, don’t join. If, however, you still want to be a part of the RR Program in any way possible, please do take advantage of the payment plans – that’s why they exist.

Will I start being charged a monthly fee after the 6 months free access to the support group?

Absolutely NOT. We’ll never charge you without your permission, there are not secret costs here. After your 6 months, you’ll get a couple of emails from us asking you if you want to stay in the Facebook group for a monthly price – if not, you’ll still keep your lifetime access to the program and all the bonuses. You will lose access to the support group, technical vault, and the guest experts. You will never be charged for any updates to the main program content.

How much personal attention will I get from Des?

Here’s the good news: you won’t just get ME! You’ll also get support from my support coaches AND all the other membership site owners in the support group. I’ll be answering your questions myself as well as going live once a week in the group to talk to you more!

How do the payment plans work?

You choose the one that best fits your budget and then you’re automatically charged on the same date every month until you’ve paid off the program. Those who decide to scam us by not paying will be sent to a collections agency.

I struggle with the technical side. Will we get help with that?

You’ll get ALL the help with that! We have tons of tech walkthroughs – from email automation to setting up your waitlist, to web design, to choosing the right plugins… not to mention, if we’re missing anything – you can just ask and get an answer ASAP.

What happens after I buy the program?

You’ll immediately get access to the program in your account on the site, and will be redirected to a “thank you” page where you’ll be able to get access to the chatbot and the support group.

See You on the Other Side!