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You can’t have a powerful brand without mastering content for your business

I’ll show you how to get noticed & grow your revenue without feeling like a sleazeball or having to chase clients…
By finally nailing content for your brand – in a way that goes against everything you’ve been taught

October 16

Most people don’t understand how simple growing your revenue & your brand can be when you know how to stop people in their tracks with the right content! This 5-day experience will reveal the truth about standing out and being recognized as a go-to expert in the online space – and it goes against everything you’ve ever been taught.

This framework is not about getting some quick sales – you’ll walk away with something that will serve you for life.


posting more educational content won’t get you more clients


Right now, you’re speaking to your audience in the same way we were all taught to speak to them in the 90s, by all the “best” marketers and copywriters… And guess what.

In the In Demand Brand, I’ll show you what does, once and for all. We’ve  blown thousands of minds with this framework already – now it’s your turn.

To get you excited...

here’s a small sneak peek of what to expect from each day
(but rest assured, I like to overdeliver with unexpected juiciness):

You’ll find out the content type that gets people to want to be around your brand 24/7 and stay loyal no matter what. Basically… how to become the Netflix of your niche.

You’ll discover how to create content that shows off your expertise without feeling like you’re “bragging” or being arrogant… it’s going to feel fun, exciting, and only slightly terrifying (just to keep you on your toes, wink).

Objection-handling has become a dirty word lately, amiright? Not in my world. I’ll show you how to ditch the old-school ways of handling sales objections that made us all feel icky and weird, and instead – do it in a way that is perfectly aligned with who you are. And yes – this will shock you.

Creating a shared purpose that people want to identify with is not easy… and communicating it to your audience sometimes feels impossible. After day 4, you’ll know exactly how to do this in a way that builds an emotional connection and trust.

The moneymaker. The day when you put out a paid offer in the most seductive way possible… that your audience just can’t resist. It’s so powerful and simple, it barely even feels like selling (warning: it does get addictive).

Oh, and if you’re sitting here thinking

“this sounds epic but who even is this chick and why should I listen?!”,

I got you.

My name is Desislava Dobreva, founder of the Badass Brand Squad - but you can call me Des.

I run a global education company where we help business owners build powerful brands and businesses by stepping out of line and disrupting the status quo like the bosses they are (even if they don’t know it yet).

How? By mastering the most important asset you’ll ever have – your brand. And this begins with being 100% yourself – no masks, no pretenses, no faking it.

When you approach content and business in the way I teach… everything will change, forever.

I’ve been flown to speak on stages around the world, I’ve built a thriving business (even though I come from nothing) and I’m recognized as one of the top experts in branding (people refer to me as The Branding Queen)…

It’s been an epic journey, and I often still need to pinch myself.

Now, before saving your free seat, here are a few things you should know:

I’m honest as hell.

You can count on me to tell you the truth - not just candy-coated sweet-nothings - because you deserve it.

I celebrate so many client wins, I had to take alcohol out of the equation 😹

So I became an oyster addict instead. Bottom line, my clients win. And not just monetarily... they're happier, calmer, more excited about life and business than they've ever been - and that's what matters to me the most.

I'm a cat mom to two cat masters

(let's face it, they rescued me) Lucifurr found me in Chiang Mai, Thailand when he was 2 months old - and Sushi found me in Bulgaria after she was in a coma for 3 days and almost lost her life! Don't worry. You're about to spend a lot of time with them.

Now… unless you’re like “EFF this, Des, you and your guidance on building a successful brand and a deliciously profitable business can go hide in a hole” – save your seat to the 5-Day “In-Demand Brand” Experience now: